Baby bed linen is available with so many cute dessins that it’s really hard to choose for expectant parents. But what size is suitable for cradles, strollers and beds? And from what age does baby bed linen actually make sense? We give you useful advice and helpful advice on how to buy your first baby bed linen.

Bed linen for the baby – from what age?

In principle, it is recommended to put babies in bed in a baby sleeping bag for the first 12 months. Nevertheless, there is no need to do without cute baby bed dinging. A small pillow and a matching doily are a great eye-catcher and can be placed in the cradle for optical reasons when the baby is not using them.

Even a very flat pillow under baby’s heads is not objectionable after the first months of life. However, make sure that the head cannot sink in so that breathing is not disturbed. The first baby blanket should be just as flat and beaten under the mattress at the foot end. The child should only be covered up to the chest, so that the head cannot fall under the blanket unintentionally.

What sizes of baby bed linen are available?

Bedding sets for the very little ones usually consist of a pillowcase in the size 35 x 40 cm and a ceiling cover of 80 x 80 cm in size. This size is adapted to baby weights, stub trolleys and also small parking beds. For larger children there are bed linens with dimensions 40 x 60 cm (head pillow) and 100 x 135 cm (ceiling cover). As soon as your baby moves into his crib and later into a junior bed, this is the appropriate size for the bedding.

Which material is recommended?

The classic baby bed dinging is definitely cotton. The reasons are obvious: this material is extremely durable and pleasantly breathable. It is skin-friendly and does not scratch on the sensitive baby skin. In addition, cotton is very absorbent in case a malheur happens. It can be washed at high temperatures without losing its shape.

When choosing your baby bed linen, be sure to be free of harmful substances, because babies are very vulnerable to negative environmental influences. The independent and globally uniform eco Tex 100 seal has proven its worth here. The pollutant test according to Öko Tex provides for particularly strict human-ecological testing criteria for the product class of baby and toddler articles, because these articles are used for extremely sensitive skin.

Since safety should always be paramount for all products around the baby, make sure that there are no swallowable parts on the bed linen. A zippered bed linen not only can be changed much faster and easier, it also carries no risk of a button loosening. Small children are basically sucking and nibging at everything they can achieve – a loose button can be a danger.

What to look for when buying baby clothes?

If you buy baby clothes, you should make a small checklist, which they can then go through. Is the material skin-friendly, breathable and anti-allergenic? Pay attention to how the bed linen is locked: If the bed linen has buttons Best Jersey Knit Sheets, they should be hidden so that your baby cannot reach them. Pay attention to parts that might detach from the bed linen, as these do not belong in a cradle.

It is important that the bed linen can be washed at high temperatures: 60 degrees is a minimum requirement, better still 90 degrees, so that germs in your cot have no chance. Before use, you should definitely wash the bed linen first. If you heed this advice, you will surely enjoy the new baby bed dingbeding!